Must Reads

Jonn Lilyea at TAH has a way with words when it comes to the latest meme about the troops being out of control.

Here is a story on the return of Specialist James Dutton, 25, to his home town of Checotah, Oklahoma. Specialist Dutton was KIA March 31 in Logar province, Afghanistan.  The town turned out for him.  This is how it's done, people.  [Hat tip to "Taun" for the link]

Our pal Jeff Schogol and Markeshia Ricks have a piece at Air Force Times about the increasing demand for UAV pilots.

Everyone needs to go and "Like" this post on FB by the men of Ranger Up...it's completely devoid of taste or tact, just like we like it.

Last, -here is a must view - the awesome cast of How I Met Your Mother supports Soldiers' Angels .  Check this out.

Updates: The anniversary of the assassination of Nick Rowe was Saturday and Susan Katz Keating has a must post about Colonel Rowe..

Mooresville, NC, turns out for a wounded Marine - Corporal Garrett Carnes. [Hat tip to John McE for the link]

Vote for the MilBloggies

Voting is now open for the 6th Annual MilBlog Awards...

You can vote for best Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force blogs, as well as Spouse and Supporter blogs.  For the US Veteran Blogs, you should cast your vote for the B5 Farm Team as the boys at This Ain't Hell have worked extremely hard this year (and had a few of their stolen valor cases decide to suck start a 9 mil)...

New proposed TAH tagline:  Jonn Lilyea is probably reaching a higher kill count now with his blog than when he was on Active Duty with his AR.

[There are other greats in the Vet category.  Lex is one of the best writers out of all of us and we lost him this year.  Bouhammer, Commander Salamander, You Served, Argghhh! are all incredible blogs that you should read every day.]




A Milblog You Should Check Out

If you spend any time over at This Ain't Hell (and I do), you have seen comments from Doc Bailey.  They are usually quite good, reasoned, and interesting.  If you didn't already know, he has his own blog, and this post is a good introduction to the Madness of the Combat Medic.  Well considered, well reasoned, and well worth reading. 


1% of the 53%


I have watched with great interest what's going on around the country with these protests- and I'm sorry to say, I cannot, in any way shape or form, agree with anything these mis-guided, mis-directed, and lost 'kids' stand for.

They certainly don't represent anything me or my family has ever endured.  They do not come from anything like my background- not that that means as much, but these people obviously thought that by acting smarter than anyone brought them rights and priveleges no one else deserved. 

With that, and with the sites such as this one who are sharing who the REAL people of America are, I want to start something along the same lines.

The 1%ers. 

According to multiple sources, only around 1% of the population of the US has ever served in uniform- overall.  The percentage that has served in current conflicts is even smaller.  So how can these fools on Wall Street, or Main Street, or anywhere they are protesting, even imagine to represent us?  It's just not even feasible to contemplate.

Join me- in showing who the 1% are- who have been silent thru all of this.

Be- a 1%er


Congratulations TAH!

It really doesn't seem like it's been five years, but it has.  Today, This Ain't Hell turns five. I've found some of the most honest and frank discussions of issues facing the military there, along with the outing of phonies (like this dou-che and this dancing dou-che) and some very good humor.  Keep up the good work Jonn, and maybe you can even get TSO to start posting again... 


Blog World: A Very Different Military Track

Well, the word is now out at the Blog World Blog, so I want to say it here: Yes, Virginia, there is indeed a military track at Blog World LA this year. 

In fact, it is a very different military track based on the feedback and suggestion from those attending last year.  You let us know what you wanted to see, and we worked to make it happen. 

The topic that got a lot of people talking last year was when JD Johannes talked about Gross Ratings Points and some other interesting things.  Everyone wanted to know more, so JD will be doing a panel on “Quit F’ing Guessing: Using Math and Behavioral Economics to Win the Battle of Ideas” He will be sharing tried and proven means of measuring and maximizing the impact of your blog.

Another topic that people wanted to learn about was SEO for milblogs.  So, Jim Brown of Slingshot SEO, will be talking on “SEO for Specialty Content” He will be exploring how SEO and content marketing are not just for large blogs, but especially important for those dealing with specialized content. 

The final panel of the day deals with the very serious topic of “Blogging Through Loss.” Rachel Porto, a military widow, and Mandy Myers, who’s lineman husband was killed on the job, will talk about the ups and downs of dealing with the loss of a loved one while sharing life and loss in new and social media.

Once again, the good people at Blog World and New Media Expo will be providing free passes to the Military Track for those currently serving, veterans, and their families.  We are working on the registration process, and will let you know more when that is worked out. 

You let us know what you wanted, and we are doing our best to bring it to you.  Based on what those attending this year tell us, we will try to make it even better next year.  So, if you want to see something different, come this year, participate, and let us know. 


Blog World & Military Track

Okay, we just finalized the last panel for the military track at this year's Blog World and New Media Expo.  There are a lot of changes and surprises this year, starting with the fact that it will be in Los Angeles Nov. 3-5.  That's right, for all you types who just couldn't stand Vegas, this year it is in LA. 

What's going to be on the military track?  Well, keep an eye on the Blog World site as we will be announcing there.  I can tell you it is going to be very different, and that if you are truly interested in reaching audience, having a provable effect, and dealing with the unexpected, you will want to be there.  Our track will be on the 3rd, but it's not quite all-day.  Why?  Well, you need to check out the site and see.  We may have a surprise or two to come, but those remain to be seen. 

Just a friendly heads-up to the community.