Tim Kennedy Fight on Friday

Hey, good people of BlackFive, friend, hero and all-around uber-badass, Staff Sergeant Tim Kennedy will be fighting on Friday.  You can catch the fight in Tulsa (one of my favorite towns) or on Showtime.

You can go here for more details.

Also, bookmark Tim's new website at

Here is Uncle Jimbo's video interview of Tim:

And here is the link to his Someone You Should Know post.

CALL- Call Now, Call Often

UPDATED 8/6:  Kevin 'won' the right to continue last night, as I would have hoped.  Funny thing is, he was on stage with the Dominatrix Yodeler/Opera chic (WTH???) when he was told.  I'm sure he's gonna have some stories to tell back in Mayfield...

We like to take a break, now and then, from supporting the troops and their families to supporting 'good guys' in other venues.  This is just such a case.

I was never one to get into 'American Idol' or any of the so called 'reality-based' TV shows.  In fact, I've never seen a full episode of 'Idol'; it always just seemed too contrived or plastic to me.  Plus, they have an age limit.  WTH?  That seems to prove just how bad Hollywood needs a reality dose itself.

'America's Got Talent' seems to forgo all that.  Part 'Gong Show', part 'Idol', this seems to better showcase what hidden talents are out there.  No age limit, and given some of the acts, no TALENT limit either.  I'm posting because I've seen one act, Kevin Skinner, that needs pushed, and hard.

While he's not quite an underdog from what I've seen, I'm posting because I would love to see this cat win this thing.  For those of you who have NO idea what I'm talking about,  watch this (oh- and bring tissues):

Shockingly honest performance.  You hear him talk, you see him onstage, then you hear him play and sing.  This guy needs a gig on Grand Ol' Opry pronto.  It seems that, even if he 'loses' he could win.  Too much raw talent to miss out or be ignored.  Someone's going to offer this dude a contract.

To give you some history, Mr Skinner comes from Mayfield, Kentucky (Yay, KY!) and was graduated from Graves County HS.  Holding odd-jobs around the area, to include being a chicken catcher (claims he and his co-workers caught about 60,000 in one night) he has never been out of Kentucky before joining the talent show.  Well, he's about to do some traveling now...

Here's his second video- not quite as good as the first, but far above the rest of the field:

You can tell he's nervous as hell, and his voice cracks just a bit.  Its his to lose, IMHBIO.  I just hope he takes it all the way.

TO VOTE:  Call 1-866-60-AGT-11 (866-602-4811) or text VOTE to 4811.  Do.It.Now.

Go Kevin!  Go Kentucky!


ps- yeah, this isn't 'new' but the voting JUST started.  Up 'til now, we'd have no impact.  Just.Go.Vote :)

UPDATE:  Sorry about the Hulu vids not working- worked in the preview, but not now.  You can go HERE for the first video, HERE for the second.  Hulu has great resolution to watch them on.

Where in the world?

I'll be on Glenn Beck at 515PM EST to discuss the VA health care system as proof that government health care works.  I tend to, um, disagree.  There's an awful lot of good that the VA does, but there's also a lot of bureaucracy smothering the likelihood of success....


Update:  Here is the video from the show: