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For Vets: The Most Important Post You'll Read Today

Over at the Burn Pit, there's a nice write up on the older VSOs like the Legion and VFW and the newer ones.  I've been a fan of the Legion's work (especially, recently), as well as work with Team Rubicon (should not surprise anyone here).  I still work with Soldiers' Angels (right now, supporting those in and headed to Africa) and fully support TR. 

Go read the Burn Pit post now.

Buy This Book! - "Take Command - Lessons in Leadership: How to Be a First Responder in Business" by Jake Wood, Co-Founder of Team Rubicon


What is it that allows military types to manage the chaos of combat or disaster zones and succeed? And how can leaders in any organization or business learn from those lessons?  

To provide full disclosure, I first met Jake Wood via his military blog "Badger Jake" and later got to know him personally through my work to support him and Will McNulty as they headed to Haiti after a devastating earthquake on January 10th, 2010.  Together, they formed Team Rubicon which many, many of you have supported.

There have been thousands of books about leadership.  So what makes Jake's book different?

First, Jake Wood takes his experiences as a collegiate athlete, a Marine sniper, an entrepreneur, and as the leader of a disaster relief organization and effectively distills the recipe for, not just managing the chaos, but rising from the worst of circumstances and succeeding... that is truly what we all look to our leaders to do.   Jake writes:

...But what I didn't know until after I left the Marines was how valuable the leadership skills I learned there would be off the battlefield...

Jake's recipe goes beyond the usual military leadership style book and is appropriate anywhere - business, government, hospitals, name it.  Anyone in any situation can apply these simple principles and shape a successful outcome.  So what are they?

Take Command - the methods/principles - are broken down into 4 parts:  Prepare, Analyze, Decide, and Act. Each part is illustrated with high-energy examples and succinct lessons and is capped with a "mission brief" (for non-military types, it's a kind of a review of critical points). For example, in the Prepare Section, there are lessons on preparing your mind and body, building a high impact team, and being transparent and accountable (up and down).

Take Command - Lessons in Leadership: How to Be a First Responder in Business is a highly effective guide for any leader or anyone aspiring to become a leader.  The lessons are both timely and timeless, effective, energetic and succinct.  It is worthy of your hard earned dollars and time.

Buy this book!

Team Rubicon - Operation Seabird in Tacloban, Philippines

Here's a recent map of all of the NGOs in and around the areas hit by the typhoon...As you can see, there's really not that many of them.  Of course, Team Rubicon was there ASAFP.  You can read more about TR's Operation Seabird here.


Providing medical aid during the critical time gap between disaster and conventional response, Team Rubicon combines veterans and medical professionals into deployable teams and gets them in country FAST.

995864_10153525862100080_1997458489_nThe #OpSeabird medical team, including those patrolling barangays to provide on-site care, have treated nearly 600 patients at field hospitals and clinics established in Carigara and Tacloban.

You can help by donating or volunteering.

You Are Cordially Invited

UPDATE II:  Thanks to everyone who came out.  It was a good start getting Team Rubicon better known in Atlanta, though no where close to what I had wanted to raise.  My only regret is that I did not get to spend as much time talking with everyone as I would have liked. 

UPDATE:  We've added a raffle to the evening, with a chance to win some prints.  How many?  That's up to you and how many tickets you buy.  If there's enough interest, we will add more. 

A Different View at the Doo

WHEN: 24 August 2013
WHERE: The dooGallery, Unit J, 205 Holtzclaw St. SE, Atlanta, GA 30316
TIMES: 3-6 Family hours, 7-midnight reception and fundraiser
COST: $10 per person at the door

In partnership with the dooGallery, "A Different View at the Doo", a special showing of my digital photography work is being presented as a fundraiser for Team Rubicon. Coffee for the evening is being provided by Ranger Coffee (an Atlanta-based veteran-owned company), Pensadores Cigars will be providing a limited number of free samples in the back garden of the gallery, and Bacon's Heir will be joining the festivities and in addition to providing samples of their wonderful product they are also bringing a very different sculpture for your enjoyment.

Parking is in the gravel lot in front of the gallery, and I hope you will come join us for the event.



Team Rubicon: L.A. Fundraiser This Saturday! (2 MUST SEE VIDEOS)

Unfortunately, Team Rubicon had to reschedule their LA fundraiser last Fall due to Hurricane Sandy. Here is why (MUST SEE):

Here is the message and invite from the Founders of Team Rubicon, Jake Wood and William McNulty:

Unfortunately, due to an important family event, I can't make it this year. If you can attend, please do so. If you can't attend, please donate to Team Rubicon.

Another MUST SEE video is after the Jump.

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02-20121106_SANDYNY-HUDSONA veteran-led Team Rubicon work crew removes a bookshelf from the flooded basement of a home in Rockaway Beach, New York. Photo by Thomas Hudson

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