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Army Vet and MMA Fighter Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera Croons For You!

Another excellent edition to the Ranger Up video library.

Who knew that MMA fighter extraordinaire, Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera, could actually sing?

I thought the guy couldn't hold a tune to save his life, but his rendition of Uncle Jimbo's favorite song from the 80s, Karma Chameleon, is divine:

Make no mistake, we are fans of El Conquistador. The man is without peer.

You can watch this pre-fight interview at UFC to get an idea of his intensity and drive.

Jorge's next fight is November 13th with UFC. Here's the whole card.

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Warrior Legacy Foundation adapts new 'Fight Song' -

Blackfive posted up a few weeks ago a song and video that is just too HOOAH! not to listen to.  You can find that post here for The Warrior Song.

Since then, the Warrior Legacy Foundation has worked with the song's creator, Sean, and his team to 'adopt' the song for the Warrior Legacy Foundation.  Now, the WLF and The Warrior Song are one and the same in promoting its use for our Warriors!  The WLF has 'adopted' the song as its 'fight song'.

It's such a perfect fit.  If you haven't seen it, take a look at it now.  Be sure to pick up a copy of it and spread it around! 

Victory in Iraq Day

I have been an advocate of a victory parade or some other acknowledgment of the victory we have won in Iraq. First because everyone who served there deserves it and second because the incoming President tried his damndest to lose the war and should not be allowed near a celebration. So the inimitable Zombie, of SF moonbat profiling fame, has an idea that is catching on.

                Victory in Iraq Day November 22, 2008


Let's go all out on this and see what kind of action we can get. VI Day.


Too much politics and not enough fun.  Between grilling up some ribs and pouring my next drink, I thought we could use a little lightening up...

This Kid Rock song that samples Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London" and Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" might get you in the mood for a summer weekend.  All Summer Long:

Have a great weekend everyone.

Next week, we'll have an interesting way for you all to say thank you to the troops.  Stay tuned...

*now where'd I leave that whiskey...?*

Boston Rockers "Say When" Kick Chicago's Ass

Had a pal call me up last week while I was working on a *yawn* chocolate industry financial analysis for school.  "Matty, get over to the Elbo Room, now!"

So, I wrap up homework and head up to north Lincoln Avenue to the Elbo Room to see Boston based "Say When" on their North American tour.

Back when I used to do the "Listening To" posts, some of you noticed my taste for guitar driven rock.

So, it's been a few years since I was last in the Elbo Room.  Hadn't changed much (maybe more graffiti).  The previous band was talented but not my kind of music - they were like a combo of Bjork and Jewel...pretty tame.  So, I get a Johnny Walker Black and grab a seat at the bar.  I watch my friends on the other side of the room.  Say When comes on stage.  The crowd gives a smattering of applause.  Typical Chicago saying "you guys are welcome here, now shut the hell up and play."

Like most of the crowd, I hadn't heard of Say When.  Maxwell Latif, the lead singer, takes the mike, says thank you to Chicago (more smattering of applause)...and then they simply kicked ass.

A good band is really led by the drummer, and "Say When" has a great drummer in Mark McCarthy.  The Bass player is freaking dangerous.  I mean that.  Mike Marvuglio is seriously a good way.  The guitars absolutely drive the sound.   Energetic, talented, you should go see these guys on their way up.

After their set ended (way too soon), I caught up with lead guitarist and homeboy, John Zaremba, to ask him if I could post about them.   After a shot or two,  I found out that the tour (like everything that they do) is self-funded.  Might get them to do a special kick for a project that Jimbo and I are working on...

Here's two videos of some of their stuff (they don't do justice to their sound).

Check their MySpace page for tour dates, mp3s and videos.  If you like Rock, you won't be disappointed.  Tour dates also after the Jump (Jimbo will be in Vegas for BlogWorldExpo when they are next in Madison - check them out and give us an update).

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1st Cav - "We'll Raise Up Our Glasses Against Evil Forces..."

    "...Justice is the one thing you should always find
    You got to saddle up your boys
    You got to draw a hard line
    When the gun smoke settles well sing a victory tune
    Well all meet back at the local saloon
    Well raise up our glasses against evil forces
    Singing whiskey for my men, beer for my horses..."

    -Toby Keith - "Beer for My Horses"

3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 1st Cavalry Division sings Toby Keith's "Beer For My Horses".  I'll have to grab my Cav Scout stetson and spurs and sing along.  The audio isn't so great (but you may thank Grey Wolf Productions for that - there's a reason they're Cavalry Scouts and not Country Music Stars...):


If you ain't Cav...

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