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Blackfive Joins the Fight in the Stache Bash! Please Donate!


From now until the MMA fight on 10 December 2011, we’re asking every MMA fighter, celebrity, or organization that wants to make a fundamental difference in the lives of our men and women serving abroad to “Mustache Up” and sign up for a team. Your team can be as many or as few people as you want. We’ll post anything you want about yourself and your team. We’ll link your page, your sponsors, anything. What we ask of you is that you get the word out and ask your fans and friends to donate to your team via this website.

Our dream is that on 10 December when Jon Bones Jones faces Lyoto Machida, the cage is full of fantastic facial hair, showcasing amazing support for our men and women in uniform.

All donations are tax deductible and will go through Soldiers’ Angels accounts.


Soooooo, Uncle Jimbo and I asked the team to join in.  Well, I asked.  Jimbo sent this sensitive and altruistic message out...

FFS, how many chicks do we have writing for this rag? I can knock out a creditable Fu Manchu by morning if needed...

I guess that means that we are in! 

Deebow, McQ, Grim, Subsunk, Jimbo, Crush, and more are in it to win it.  Here's just four of us suitably adorned.  Go here to donate on behalf of team Blackfive.



For the military taking part in this stache-bash (with photo), I will send a pair of Wiley X P-17's (Black Ops Collection) with case - courtesy of the awesome folks at Mastiff Games and Wiley X - to military overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Last, here is what Jungle from Action Figure Therapy has to say about Soldiers' Angels and the Stache Bash!  Thanks, Jungle, for the extra mustache power (NSFW):

EXCLUSIVE - Jorge Rivera Vs. Michael Bisping Interview Leaked

Updated and Bumped 2-15-11:  Michael "the Count" Bisping appears to train with Jorge Rivera.  See second video below.

Updated and Bumped:  Apparently Mr. Bisping is not amused! Those Rangers were time on target...

Yes, we're fans of Army vet Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera.  Yes, he's going to crush Michael Bisping who happens to be from some island (full of illiterates) in the Med that you never heard of.  You can read the posts in the Jorge Rivera category here at Blackfive.

Here in an Exclusive leaked video secured by the Ranger Up guys for a huge sum of money and *cough* favors, Jorge Rivera and Michael Bisping talk about their upcoming fight in UFC 127.

[Language Alert for F-Bombs]


Update 2-15-11 with the Tale of Count Bisping:


Veteran Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera fights on Saturday night

One of our favorite fighters, Jorge Rivera, fights in UFC #122 on this Saturday night on Spike TV.

We've posted about Jorge's fights, support of our troops, and a bit of his lighter side over the last year.

Please get the word out to support this vet and all around great human being ( who will beat the living hell out of you while singing 80's pop music and giving you his philosophy about home decor).

Go to this link for more about "El Conquistador" and his fight (links to interview as well as other Jorge-rific stuff):

Army Vet and MMA Fighter Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera Croons For You!

Another excellent edition to the Ranger Up video library.

Who knew that MMA fighter extraordinaire, Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera, could actually sing?

I thought the guy couldn't hold a tune to save his life, but his rendition of Uncle Jimbo's favorite song from the 80s, Karma Chameleon, is divine:

Make no mistake, we are fans of El Conquistador. The man is without peer.

You can watch this pre-fight interview at UFC to get an idea of his intensity and drive.

Jorge's next fight is November 13th with UFC. Here's the whole card.

Previous Blackfive posts about El Conquistador:

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Let's Get Out There And Support Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera - Veteran and MMA Fighter!

Jorge Rivera visits the troops in Korea

Tomorrow night, March 31st, Ranger Up's Jorge Rivera will take on Nate Quarry on Spike TV's UFC 21.

We featured some of El Conquistador's wisdom here a few weeks ago.  We are admirers of the former US Army Cavalryman and supporter of our troops, and, at 38, he's just hitting his stride in MMA.  No matter what, every fight with Jorge Rivera is a fight you don't want to miss. And his fight against Nate Quarry will be amazing.

And now, to our surprise, we just found out from the guys at Ranger Up that Jorge Rivera will be wearing a Soldiers Angels shirt at tomorrow's fight.  So add one helluva good man on top of all the other accolades and admiration we have for him.

So, in the Comments, let's show some support for Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera and let him know we're in his corner!

Meet Jorge Rivera - MMA Fighter and Philospher

Our pals at Ranger Up have Army Vet and MMA fighter Jorge "El Conquistador!" Rivera in their line up.  If you want to see the kind of damage that Rivera can do, click here.

And below, former Cav Scout and world renown philosophizer, Jorge Rivera, reveals his depth of knowledge on all subjects sublime:

On the appropriateness of MMA Nicknames:

On track lighting in home decor:

On the symphony:

More here.