Jimbo in Combat

Rollin' with the B5 Crew

Spent a couple of days last week with Uncle Jimbo and his girl, who are good people.  Apparently Special Forces training teaches you how to grill an awesome steak.  

Any time I get together with Jimbo or Wolf, it looks and sounds a lot like one of "The Damn Few" Ranger Up videos.  Here are two of the best ones they've put together, to help your imaginations along.



Thanks for having me.  It was a blast.

You Know, I Often Make Fun of Jimbo...

...well, we all do.  But I admit that I take it as a kind of personal duty to give him crap now and then.

And I've been steadfast in ignoring this Michael Yon stuff these last several years.  I ran into Yon being Yon once in Iraq myself, but I've never said boo about it, and I'm not going to do so now.  Combat environments are stressful, and a certain amount of what happens over there is really just better left there.  If you weren't there, you wouldn't get it; and if you were, you shouldn't have to be told.

But I have to admit, after today's showing:  Jim, I think you may be the first man to kill someone with Zen in like five hundred years.  

My hat's off to you.  This one time, mind.

A Different Request

Provided that nothing in this is illegal, immoral, or fattening, hope that someone might can help with a few things.  We have someone looking for some gear: 

ACU in good shape (pass inspection):  XL top, regular; L regular pants; field jacket XL; parka XL.  Also, green fleece XL, PT jacket XL, and PT black pants in L.

Army Dress Blue Jacket in 48 or 50R, Class A Jacket in 48 or 50R, pants ask.

Also, trying to lay hands on some MREs, new, good shape as some may be used for demos. 

Finally, any extraneous gear someone going forward might like, drop a line so we can check.

Send any inquiries to wolf1 at laughingwolf dot and net; and, if any of this is illegal, immoral --and particularly/especially fattening -- nevermind... 


And the Winner is........

The referee stopped this bout midway through the first round when Mr. Yon not only failed to defend himself, but joined in beating himself senseless. The winner of the Internet Beat Down and still the undisputed champion of online snark, hyperbolic rhetoric, vitriolic tirades and professional humiliation is UNCLE......JIMBO (jimbo) (jimbo).


Mikey, I offered a truce before and you ought to take it. You can have your little patch of the internet, just don't come over here, piss on my leg and try to tell me it's raining.

Now back to our regularly scheduled stuff. Oh and Go Pack Go!

Behind the "Jimbo in combat" series

For those of you wondering why there is a spate of examples of my martial glory adorning the pages of BLACKFIVE, you can thank Michael Yon. His cones are all chafed that I have been commenting all over the media about wimmen in combat, and I guess he thinks I shouldn't. So he sent emails to me and Matty O and well pretty much everyone I know asking if I have ever been to Iraq or A-Stan and what my combat bona fides are. Now I don't owe him any kind of answer, but Matty O pulled some strings and got some of the missions I was on declassified, and thus the Pantheon of Jimbo in combat.

You see Mikey apparently has a fundraising campaign underway and he wants me to help. I'm not Mikey's biggest fan, so I'm a little reluctant. But I will note the following things in response to his questions about whether or not I have been to Iraq and Afghanistan or been in combat.

I have stated repeatedly that I have never been to either Iraq or Afghanistan and Mikey you even quoted me saying that yourself in a lame attempt to make fun of me. So not much there, there. Dude just a tad bit of advice, leave that shite to me, when you try the funny you become the funny, but in the bad way.  I will also state that none of the operations I was involved in while on active duty were combat in the sense of a sustained tour in a combat theater. I have never claimed otherwise. Again no there, there.

But unlike Mikey, whose fleeting visit to the SF community ended without any substance, while I was in Group I deployed dozens of times to do all kinds of interesting things. But again unlike Mikey, I don't talk about things I shouldn't or release information I shouldn't.

So good luck from all of us here at BLACKFIVE Mikey. We are happy that you got the nice long rest you needed and now are back to the important work only you can do.