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Book Review: Every Wicked Man

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Every Wicked Man by Steven James is the last in the series.  This book is third in the prequel series and eleventh overall, in the Bowers Files novels. People should probably want to read the other books first to get a better idea of what is happening in this story.

After a Senator’s son takes his own life and posts the video on-line FBI Agent Patrick Bowers is drawn into a complex web of lies. Clues that might help solve the puzzle include a century old code.  At the funeral Bowers attempts to track down a woman visualizing it from a distance.  Out of nowhere Mannie, the bodyguard of Blake Neeson, comes to help, but the FBI is wary since he and his boss are on the top ten-wanted list.

“I wrote Patrick as someone who pursues the truth no matter what are the consequences.  He is quirky and never gives up. I would describe him as incredible, perseverant, and persistent.  He is also haunted by what he as seen.”

Added to the persons of interest is novelist Timothy Sabian who has Morgellon Disease. One of the symptoms is the feeling of bugs constantly crawling on his skin besides hearing voices telling him to kill people. Caught in the cross hairs are Bowers new wife, Christine, and his stepdaughter Tessa.  Bowers and his partner Ralph must find the culprit before more people die.

James commented, “I heard about this website that live streams murders and suicides.  Unfortunately, this is part of our world today and it is really troubling.  Then I decided to have a character in this book as a novelist with Morgellon’sSyndrome. I wanted a character who is losing all track of reality.  Readers are not sure if he is insane.  Sometimes people’s conditions are so severe they are beyond help. I hope readers identify and have sympathy for him; yet, are unsure and wary because of what he might be capable.”

This book explores power, greed, deception and retribution.  The antagonists use manipulation to coerce others.