Book Review: Bone Music

High White Sun

High White Sun by J. Todd Scott is a very plot driven story.  Scott, who has been a federal agent with the DEA for over twenty years has used his experiences to write this book. Now living in Texas, he is able to write a first-hand account of the small-town Texas setting.


The plot has a new sheriff in town, Chris Cherry, determined to clean out his department after the death of his predecessor, corrupt Sheriff Ross.  He brings in new deputies including America (Ame) Reynosa, the tough and aggressive female, and Ben Harper, a hard-edged veteran homicide detective now lured out of retirement.  They are untiring in their determination to find the killers of Texas Ranger Bob Ford, and river guide Billy Bravo.  The major person of interest is John Wesley Earl, a leader of a vicious prison gang, the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. As the investigation takes hold, an unforeseen twist makes the pursuit of justice harder as they must navigate through the shady characters, numerous lies, and buried secrets.

Scott noted, “I see the setting as a character.  This remote area drives a lot of people’s decisions and choices.  In my books, everyone seems to wear not a black or white hat, but a grey hat.  The remoteness puts them out on the frontier where, like the old westerns, they police it with just a small group.  The emphasis of the story is not solving the crime but the after effects of it.  In this book, the murders do not have a lot of page time.”

This is a tale of murder, revenge, and redemption. Readers will also learn about the investigative process including the different techniques, tactics, and methods.