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Edge of Darkness by Karen Rose is the fourth book of the famous suspenseful Cincinnati series.  As with most of her books she explores relevant issues centered around friends and colleagues.  This one is no different since the current issues of abuse and addiction become the main theme of the novel.

Meredith Fallon counsels sexually abused women like Mallory Martin to help them reintegrate into the world. But not everyone sees it as honorable and decides to eliminate her by hiring a killer. Detective Adam Kimble doesn’t even hesitate when his boss orders him to investigate.  Old feelings come to the surface since the two had a brief relationship earlier.  But Adam pulled away as he struggled with events that were truly harrowing.  Knowing he is a recovering alcoholic he feels he doesn’t want to depend on the relationship with Meredith, essentially moving from one addiction to another. This becomes a tale of damaged people who re-connect during a violent and frightening time of their life. They must struggle with their demons, getting the relationship to work, and finding the killer. 

Readers will know a lot about Adam Kimble because Rose explores his backstory.  “In the first book I wrote him as a belligerent jerk. As the series progresses we see him changing and having to deal with something terrible that happened to him, which throws him off the rails.  Now he is a recovering alcoholic who is learning to face his demons.  Even though he feels very connected to Meredith, Adam understands she cannot be his reason for sobriety.  He knows he must get better on his own, and not be dependent on her.  Readers see that Adam is capable of surviving without Meredith, but also knows he will be happy if they are together. As with most people, they do not have charmed lives and have some source of pain. During several points in this book I cried because it is what many of my friends experienced. They needed to understand you must live your life for yourself, not for others. My characters are banged up by life, but can still hold their own.”

Because she has experienced first-hand harassment Rose wants to write in almost all of her stories this and abuse.  “Abuse of women is a big theme in my books. I continued the story from the previous book, Every Dark Corner. It dealt with Mallory Martin who was abused and now in this book she is recovering. I think there is a fine line between actively showing abuse on the page and being too provocative.  I don’t want to provide any material that will be too salacious.  I had my own ‘#MeToo’ moment. At nineteen I had to quit a job that was good paying and one I liked because I did not see any way out of the situation.  I did not think anyone would believe me. Almost every woman I talked to had a Me Too incident.  It is a big part of my books because it is a big part of our lives.” 

Fans should be happy this will not be the last book in the series and will be treated to another suspenseful novel that delves into Dani and Diesel’s life.