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Oath Of Honor by Lynette Eason is the first in a new series. This thrilling story is a shout out to those in law enforcement who put their lives on the line each and every day to keep everyone safe.  The action never ceases as the plot combines a mystery, criminal investigation, politics, gang wars, shootings, and bad cops.  What makes this story stand out is that Eason also brings to life engaging and well-developed characters, including some who have a subtle romance.

The plot begins with childhood friends who are now police partners, Izzy St. John and Kevin Marshall, surveilling an abandoned warehouse after they receive a tip that a high-level arms deal will take place.  Kevin decides to go rogue, sprinting into the warehouse and dies in a spray of bullets.  Izzy is determined to discover what exactly happened and agrees to work with Kevin’s brother, detective Ryan Marshall, as they unofficially work the case.  

This family affair book might remind readers of the TV show Blue Bloods. “I really enjoy it.  One day I was sitting there watching it and thought it might be cool to create my own law enforcement family that will have their own adventures, dangers, and romantic situations.  The Reagan family loves each other unconditionally and shows how law enforcement is in their blood, passed down from generation to generation. Since I married into a big extended family I thought how nice it is to have a large family and used my imagination to create one.”

The hero and heroine are determined, hard-working, and have a sense of right versus wrong. Eason describes Izzy as someone who is “a go-getter.  She is smart, inquisitive, loyal, seeks justice, and will always have her friends and family’s back.  But she is also stubborn and has a pit bull type of mentality.  Izzy believes anyone who does wrong should face consequences. The hero, Ryan, is tough, a protector, who wants to make everything right.”

Izzy should be singing the song “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me” because in this story she is put through the ringer.  She was shot, beaten, had her house set on fire, and thrown from a building.  When writing Izzy’s hardships Eason thought of “the Charlie Brown character Pig Pen, having a dust cloud over their heads.  She also had a traumatic past which has shaped her current thought process.  She is determined to not let it define who she is and will not let it get the best of her. This is why I put in the book this quote, ‘I think sometimes we let our fears build to a point where they’re bigger in our minds than in reality.’  She will always face her fears.”

This first in the series is a mystery that will keep readers guessing with the many twists and turns. Her details, descriptions, and characters have people yearning for more. Beyond the mystery it is a great story of love, family, and as Eason writes in the dedication, this series is “to the men and women in blue…who risk everything to keep us safe.”