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Book Review Touch Of Red and Cover Of Night

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Touch Of Red and Cover Of Night by Laura Griffin have a plot with intricate suspense, and well-developed characters.  The intensity on the pages is prevalent in the story and with the character’s relationship.  Touch Of Red is part of the Tracer series and Cover Of Night is part of the SEAL series, but each can by read as a stand-alone.

Griffin noted, “The “Tracer Series” has the Delphi Crime Lab at the center, while the SEAL series has the Alpha Crew as the focal point.  You will see some overlap of characters, but each book has its own plot and a different couple.  Those highlighted in the past will come back for a cameo appearance where readers can see what they are doing now.”

Cover Of Night starts off with a bang when journalist Karly Bonham witnesses a terrorist attack in Thailand.  Sent on an assignment to interview the US Ambassador to Thailand she is packing up to leave and realizes Islamic Jihadists are taking the Ambassador and his daughter as hostages.  After receiving an SOS message from Karly, four members of the elite SEAL Alpha Crew team arrive to attempt a rescue. Karly inadvertently finds herself at the team’s insertion point, and insists on helping them by providing vital intelligence.  The action will come in waves, having the reader feel like it has a tsunami effect.

The author first became “interested after reading some autobiographical books written by SEALs.  I decided to have a SEAL character in the book, Beyond Limits, from my “Tracer Series.” I enjoyed writing about their missions, training, and teammates.  I was lucky enough to view the training area in Coronado, touring the base and speaking with some retired SEALs.  This allowed me to have a feel for the area of San Diego. This series is less about forensics and more of an action and adventure story. I hope this series showcases all the great things they do, since I have a ton of respect for them.”

Touch Of Red also has non-stop action.  It begins with the investigation of a violent, gruesome murder.  Delphi Center crime scene forensics expert Brooke Porter is gathering evidence to help detective Sean Byrne find the culprit.  Through her expertise she is able to determine that there was indeed an eyewitness, a child. Not only are Byrne and Porter brave, tough, and intelligent, they are heroic in their attempt to solve the crime. While working together they form a chemistry that becomes sizzling with Brooke the one who is independent and stubborn, while Sean is nurturing and sensitive.

Besides the murder mystery, Griffin also tackles a very relevant subject, harassment.  She wants readers to understand, “The person harassed does not necessarily have to be a ‘victim type,’ someone weak, helpless, and incapable.  Many see the warning signs, but do not listen to them.  It can happen to someone smart, opinionated, strong, and competent.  This is exactly what happened with Brooke.  At first, the signs are subtle such as someone trying to control their mate’s life with family and friends.”

Living in Texas, she saw first hand the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.  “My parents were impacted by the hurricane when they lost their house in the flood. Someone in a boat who they did not even know rescued my parents.  A lot of my close friends had to relocate.  The neighborhood where I grew up was flooded with water.  It has been a hard time for the city of Houston so when the Astros won the World Series it gave all of us a boost and was pretty awesome.  Some of the proceeds from Cover Of Night went to benefit Hurricane Harvey.”

Griffin is known for her fast-paced plots that are spellbinding and full of twists and turns.  She beautifully blends dry humor, a gripping mystery, and a sizzling romance, with plenty of action.