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Book Review: Proof Of Life

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Proof Of Life by J. A. Jance brings back retired detective J. P. Beaumont. The difference between these novels and the other series Jance writes is that these blend sarcastic humor within the mystery.

Now retired Beaumont (Beau) searches for something to keep him busy. But thanks to his longtime nemesis Seattle crime reporter Maxwell Cole, Beau becomes entangled in an investigation. It seems Cole put in his will that Beau should scrutinize his death. Although ruled an accident, it appears that there are clues that lead to the death possibly being ruled a homicide. It is up to Beau and his police chief wife Mel Soames to sort everything out and connect the dots.

Intertwined within the mystery is a shout out to man’s best friend, dogs. Beau and Mel adopt an Irish Wolfhound named Rambo aka known as Lucy. It seems he is a she and is very determined to make sure the police couple know they have an addition to their family. Readers will enjoy the descriptions of raising a dog and the relationship between the furry friend and her owners.

Jance noted, “The character Rambo is based on the Irish Wolfhound we adopted years ago named Boney. Also, our daughter has a big black mutt called Storm. In personality Rambo resembles Boney, while in looks she resembles Storm. Even though he is a she I named the dog out of perversity since Rambo is really tough.”

The other tip of the cap goes to those in law enforcement. A powerful quote reflects how they are second guessed for their actions as well as how the news media selectively informs people about events, many times leaving out important details. The quote by Beau sympathizing with his former colleagues, “The second-guessers of the world-the Monday morning quarterbacks who have never once put their own lives on the line-who wants to turn every police shooting into a media crap storm.”

Jance thinks the police have a terribly difficult job. “I am with them. Until anyone is faced with that shoot/don’t shoot decision no one knows what it is like. A number of years ago I did a Citizen’s Academy course. The first night I thought I could sit in the back and be unobtrusive. But it turned out the guy teaching was a fan of my books. He dragged me up to the front, gave me a weapon, and did a virtual reality demonstration. As I entered the backroom this guy came at me with a pipe, so I plugged him. This was a powerful lesson for me on how these things happen in real life.”

Proof Of Life has a story that will make readers cry, laugh, and look over their shoulder. It is a page-turner not only for the riveting plot, but also to find out what will happen to Rambo and Beau’s relationship. 51AV9UILO6L._SX328_BO1 204 203 200_