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Book Review: Lie To Me

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Lie To Me by J. T. Ellison is her second standalone and domestic noir in a row. For now she has moved away from her Lt. Taylor Jackson and Dr. Samantha Owens series and is instead writing relationship stories.

“I am not sure when the next book in the Taylor series will be published. I have already started writing it. My next novel will also be a standalone about a young girl who gets cancer and sees her life unravel. Sometimes it is easier to write standalones since I am able to make up the entire universe as I write and I do not have the limitations with the characters. In my non-series books the crisis affects the lay person, while the series has an unfolding investigation. I do like to switch back and forth.”

The first half of this book can definitely be compared to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. It has all the ingredients including an unreliable narrator, a husband who appears to have a hand in his wife’s disappearance; possible foul play; and a marriage gone wrong. But then in the second half it takes a dramatic turn away from the Gone Girl similarities and becomes a who done it murder mystery as the body counts start mounting up.

Ellison feels, “The story, situation, and characters are nothing like Gone Girl. It is not Gone Girl in any way, shape, or form. I actually got the idea for the story when I was in Paris. I saw this person sitting across from me and thought about having as my character an author placed in Paris who decides to write about a murder. This was probably the most challenging book for me to write.”

The husband, Ethan, and the wife, Sutton, are both writers. They appeared to be blissfully married until their newborn dies of SIDS. They spiral down with Ethan having an affair and Sutton becoming increasingly unhinged, especially when she is stalked by a blogger. Both are carrying secrets that are sordid and harrowing.

There are truly unlikeable characters in this story. Both Ethan and Sutton are self-centered, uncaring, and superficial. They are so into their own problems that they look inward instead of outward. The only character that readers will enjoy is Holly Graham, the police detective assigned to connect the dots. She is tenacious, determined, idealistic, and has a fair sense of justice.

This story weaves a web of lies, betrayals, and murder. Even though the characters are not ones readers will root for the suspense will keep them turning the pages. 51cK5RGAu0L._SX330_BO1 204 203 200_