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The Soul Of A Seal by Anne Elizabeth has something for every type of reader. It is part adventure, part military thriller, part political, and has a steamy romance. If so inclined, people my want to skip some of the hot and heavy physical intimacy and concentrate on the extensive and detailed scenes of space, shuttle design, and the training involved. The book references different military settings, military issues, and historical events.

Being married to a Vietnam veteran, a retired SEAL, she wants “to give insight into the SEAL community, respectful of our courageous souls, and to illustrate how hard and complicated dedication can be as well as how precious those peaceful moments are. There are basic facts that are true to all military life: struggles with marriage, family, relationships, money, health, and returning home. My husband told me that in my writing I should honor the community and country. I wanted to inform people about the challenges and to show their personal courage. The characters are based on real life former SEALs. I am very careful to craft a plot that does not hijack the veteran’s story so I only use elements of it.”

The plot has a Navy SEAL, Captain Bennett Sheraton, sent to find out who is sabotaging a top-secret program that will allow him to captain a space shuttle. He becomes attracted to the lead scientist, Dr. Kimberly Warren. They must untangle if the culprit is a lone wolf or part of a major conspiracy involving different US agencies or foreign powers.

The action and adventure comes from her personal experiences that include her flying an airplane, parachuting, and mountain biking. Anne is one of those authors who does not just do the talk, but have actually done the walk.

She noted the fact versus fiction of the story. Fact: SEALs are on call 24/7 if they are in operational mode. Many SEALs desire to become astronauts after retiring and some have actually achieved that goal. At the end of the book Anne details the experiences of Chris Cassidy and William Shepherd. She also wants people to understand how “Underwater Demolition Team Frogmen, precursors to the Navy SEALs played a key role during the Gemini and Apollo programs by leaping in the water to recover the capsule and help the astronaut.” On the other hand pure creative thought was the Lester Facility, a covert place that will launch hardware into space via the Warren shuttle.

A powerful quote describes these silent fighters, both in real life and fiction. “The public would be unaware of the men’s pain and sacrifices. The selfless warrior did not require an accolade; rather, survival and success were the greatest gifts of all.”

The author explained, “I hope readers are encouraged to learn more about the real life personalities of these men who contributed to the betterment of all humanity. They are my words but it is based on the SEALs who I know. Part of their motto is ‘never quit.’ They are not limelight guys but rather are quiet, humble, bold, strong, and brave.”

This novel has elements of a thriller, science fiction, mystery, and romance. It is a good read to understand a little of the SEAL personality and missions, as well as the effect it has on th 51zU+uZ+fPL._SX302_BO1,204,203,200_