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Before the Clinton Foundation Bill and Hillary perfected the politics of personal profit. It is incredible how the Justice Department along with mainstream media refused to investigate how businesses and foreign governments made the Clintons rich while gaining influence. Peter Schweizer in his book, Clinton Cash, exposed the Clintons and their devious ways. He enlisted the help of Brett R. Smith to write a graphic novel on the subject and just recently made an animated information ad about the Clinton’s Quid Pro Quo ( and her re-set with Russia.

Brett noted, the first chapter in the graphic novel is called ‘The Lincoln Bedroom Goes Global.’ This was a dry run for the Clintons. People, like myself, who are part of Generation X, should be reminded of the type of stuff you get from the Clintons. It is a refresher course on how they operate.”

For those who do not remember, the Clintons, during their Presidency, allowed Democratic donors to stay in the Lincoln bedroom of the White House as a reward. The records showed a total of 938 individuals stayed over at the White House between 1993 and 1996. Of them, 821 spent the night in the Lincoln Bedroom. Bill Clinton wrote: "Ready to start overnights right away-give me the top 10 list back, along with the 100." So he and the First Lady used “Pay For Play,” back in 1994. They probably forgot that the White House was not their house, but the American people.

Fast-forward to when Clinton was Secretary of State and her desire to have a “re-set with Russia.” Brett is very frustrated that Donald Trump did not bring up the Russian re-set during the debate with Hillary Clinton. “It is amazing to me that after she called him ‘Putin’s puppet’ he did not bring this up. The Clinton Foundation does business with horrible autocrats that have atrocious human rights records. She speaks of this game of being a paragon of liberal virtue yet; she takes money from businesses like Coca-Cola and Dow Chemical. I like to say if they did not have a double standard they would have no standard.”

He made the info ad ( to allow Millennials to get a glimpse of what the Clintons are about, including the re-set with Russia.  In 2010, a Russian company was allowed to buy the business Uranium One.  This was after the new chairman donated two million dollars to the Clinton Foundation, which was never reported, and Bill Clinton was also paid $500,000 for a Moscow speech.  In October, the sale was approved.  Ultimately, 20% of U.S. uranium was basically transferred to the Russian government.  Then secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, could have vetoed it but chose not to. 

Brett agrees that there is no transparency. He believes, “It is the Lefts’ Red Scare. The mainstream media is focusing on Trump’s supposed connection to Putin and the Russians. Yet, nobody wants to focus on the fact that Hillary Clinton has already done business with the Russians, and the worst kind of business. 55% of the people that visited her at the State Department were donors. If she becomes President and achieves all that power I expect this “Pay for Play” to ramp up. This is about power and influence. We made the new ads to get the truth out there so voters can make the best decision they can.”

Before voting, Americans need to consider how the Clintons operate. The Lincoln bedroom scandal and now the Clinton Foundation has shown that they are willing to have government agencies as part of there own Foundation donors and to lie about it. CLINCASH-Lincoln Bedroom copy CLINCASHRussia copy