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The Coaster by Erich Wurster is his introductory novel. He has a lot of commentary on today’s society and how it works including humorous discussions between husband and wife. Unlike some other characters these are not wacky and zany but the humor comes with the funny observations.

The plot has Bob Patterson married to an heiress who makes a hefty salary. But after her father dies of a heart attack his will puts Bob in charge. One company makes a pitch to have Bob’s firm become a partner. After refusing he is blackmailed, has his family threatened, and to protect those he loves becomes engaged in criminal activities.

Wurster commented to, “I write the kind of book I want to read, a story with a regular guy who gets into some kind of trouble. My protagonist does not react heroically all the time. The way he thinks about the world is the way I think. Who hasn’t coasted in life?”

Readers might think of a comical Breaking Bad intertwined with Secrets and Lies.