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9781250121905_p0_v1_s192x300Wake Up America should be the rallying cry for everyone who wants the United States to be great again.  It is also the name of The Five co-host Eric Bolling’s book.  He presents in it a clear vision for this nation, which has gone adrift over the last seven years.  The book starts off powerfully with a dedication to President Obama and takes off from there as he explains why there is a need to return to the nine virtues of America’s past. Bolling talks about his book with

The qualities he writes about are grit, manliness, individualism, merit, profit and providence, dominion over our environment, thrift, and above all pride in this country. Bolling speaks of his background, raised in a struggling blue-collar family in Chicago, where he learned from his parents that hard work and firm values will allow someone to get ahead in life. Those values drove him as a young baseball player to being drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates, then success as a New York Mercantile Exchange trader, and now his daily role on Fox News Channel.

The book begins with a dedication to President Obama, “If it weren’t for your announced goal of ‘fundamentally transforming the United States of America,’ I wouldn’t have been to exceedingly motivated to write this book to stop you and your liberal pals from achieving that goal. America will survive your agenda.” 

He explained, “I did the dedication because this upcoming election is extremely important.  It is the last shot we have for at least eight years, maybe longer.  We need to push back against President Obama’s stated goal of not making America exceptional on the world stage. The President has done everything in his power to achieve the goal of undermining American exceptionalism.  We were built on having the strongest work ethic, the motivation to achieve, and the desire to have free market capitalism.”

One group that exemplifies these virtues is the US military. In the “Grit” chapter he wrote, “There are a few major exceptions to today’s ‘softness indoctrination.’ The biggest and by far most important is the US military.  Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines are among the toughest, grittiest folks to ever walk the planet.” Bolling circles back to the Obama dedication as he blames this administration for “questioning the actions of our forces, which has allowed us to go from a winning strategy to a losing one.”

How many people have been frustrated with political correctness?  Bolling shows his exasperation calling it “defeatist crap…a huge number of Americans think trying to make everyone equal is the right thing to do. For example, a school board's decision in North Carolina to stop naming valedictorians over the ‘unhealthy competition’ is an example of liberalism run amok. What they are saying, ‘it is not ok to work hard and succeed.’ It is a ‘everyone gets a trophy culture.’  We need to emphasize winning, being in first place or the Asian countries like China will eat us for lunch.  The top ten countries in math, science, and reading are the Asian countries.  We're becoming a nation of wussies. Let's stop America's slide into the liberal abyss. People are fed up with political correctness and are tired of being told what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to.”

The “Manliness” chapter is not intended to offend women.  Bolling explains that he did not want it misinterpreted. “I did not mean it as some kind of sexist statement, man versus woman, but based it on the word ‘mankind.’ We need to be strong, forward, and to say what we think.  Margaret Thatcher epitomized manliness for standing by her values.”

In the “Profit” chapter there is the implication that words such as profit and successful are dirty words to the Liberals.  But isn’t it more than that, it is also the hypocrisy?  Hillary Clinton speaks of her gender; yet, is relying on her two male bookends, President Obama and Bill Clinton.  She also speaks of income inequality, but has made a fortune since being First Lady.  Bolling thinks “being a hypocrite is anonymous with being a liberal.  Hillary talks of income inequality, but gets hundreds of thousands of dollars to speak at a college. If she cares for college students’ welfare give the speeches for free. And she speaks of being the first female president at the same time she says her husband will run the economy.”

Bolling has made great points because Americans are asleep.  Just refer to what Jonathan Gruber said about Obamacare and what Ben Rhodes said about the Iran Deal, pulling the wool over people’s eyes.  The common theme in the book is the need to wake-up, to push back against this liberal culture, by returning to the values of what America is founded on.