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Book Review - "Doomed to Succeed" by Dennis Ross

Merry Christmas! Be Careful Out There

Happy Holidays to All!  

Today is the shortest day/longest night of the year, and to my Norse/pagan/other friends who celebrate the Solstice tomorrow, a good one to you.  To my friends of a a different faith, a belated Happy Hanukkah.  If you celebrate something different, the blessings of that to you.  

Please be careful out there.  Today is also the anniversary of the Lockerbie bombing, and if you think the timing wasn't deliberate, well...  There is a lot going on, and if we get through the next couple of weeks without a major incident, I will be surprised and pleased.  The propane tanks and cell phones in the news are but a small part of things.  There are reports out in the open about Middle Eastern males checking out Bagnell Dam in Missouri; not-in-the-media reports of Middle Eastern males checking out a National Guard armory in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  There was a (mild, thankfully) poison/toxin attack on a synagogue just south of Paris that hasn't gotten a lot of attention.  For those paying attention, there is a lot going on and Daesh has continued to issue calls for attacks here and abroad.  

This time of year offers the chance for maximum impact and to target religions and groups that are hated by Islamists.  Others too, but if you don't think Daesh and other Islamist groups are the prime threat... 

For me, I say Sod Them.  Enjoy your holidays, and enjoy them without fear.  Just be alert and be prepared.  

Merry Christmas!