A Note Of Condolence
Book Review - "The End Game" by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison

Willfully Aiding & Abetting Child Rape

It doesn't sound nearly so nice phrased that way, does it?  It is far more blunt and honest though than the pablum of 'respecting other cultures.'  The news has been full of the story, and in particular the case of SFC Martland.  

My friend Nicki says what needs to be said over at The Liberty Zone.  For me, I simply note that, in my opinion, for even an unofficial policy to be as widespread as this requires the willful ignorance of those in command, if not their outright encouragement.  For it to become the defacto official policy, it requires acceptance at very high levels.  

Go read Nicki, and share your thoughts.  If you were over there and care to share, please do but you might want to use a non-work & non-personal computer to do so.