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First, thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the Marines killed yesterday in the cowardly and despicable attack; to those wounded; and, to all the first responders who did not wait for backup but waded in and kept this from being so much worse than it could have been.  Please keep them all in your hearts, prayers, thoughts, or whatever it is that you do, and may the light shine down on all those left behind.  If you've ever been in it, you have some idea of what they now are going through. 

Second, huge thanks to the first responders.  Chattanooga (and to an extent Hamilton County) do things a bit different in terms of training and planned response, and it showed.  They did not wait, they moved in and "enthusiastically" engaged and "neutralized" the target.  This is how it is done.  It does take training, planning, and leadership.  From all I am hearing from people with knowledge of the department, they have it -- thank God.  Hope they keep it, as THIS is how it is done.  

Third, it is time and well past time to get rid of the idiotic, pantywaist, ill-considered (you get the drift) prohibition on our troops being armed.  There was a day (until fairly recently) when an officer (and even NCOs) were not in uniform and properly dressed without a sidearm.  They were expected to be so, to maintain order, and to defend themselves and others.  Having them armed is not a violation of Posse Comitatus, or an invitation to disorder.  I've heard one unconfirmed report that one person was able to retrieve a personally-owned firearm and return fire, and if so they deserve to be commended and not chewed-up and spit out by senior leadership as I fully expect.  There is a lot of data that clearly shows that any resistance prevents things from being worse.  Uncle Jimbo was/is on Fox and Friends discussing this topic this morning, and I look forward to him posting on the topic here.  

How many more of our troops must die on our soil in terrorist attacks -- and there have been quite a few though they are all lone-wolf criminal acts of workplace violence (/sarcasm) -- because of the Omega-level (they don't even rate beta male/female status) milquetoast obeisance to a thoroughly discredited trope? 

Sound off.  I can't say all I would like right now, as it would be rather intemperate.  It is a bit scary that Jimbo is the far more reasonable and articulate spokesperson right now... 

And, remember the fallen and those they leave behind.  Thank and encourage the first responders and the mindset shown by them, as such may be what saves us from far worse now and in the days ahead.  I consider the Chattanooga area a second home in many ways, and have many friends there.  If I leave the frozen (or at least currently soggy) North, it is one of the places I've seriously considered making my home.  The response shown by the first responders and the greater Community there are a reminder of why it would be a good place to live.  

NOTE:  My thanks to Gunny Popaditch for the image