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9780399171277_p0_v1_s192x300Catherine Coulter's 19th FBI thriller, NEMESIS, keeps the reader turning the pages between two fast-paced and complex plots. This is the first thriller where husband and wife team Sherlock and Savich are separated, each working their own case.

Coulter wanted to explore “how each would react when they are not together, including the fear, and helplessness of being kept in the dark.” 

The most interesting and realistic of the two storylines involves FBI Agent Lacey Sherlock.  While in a security line at JFK Airport a man pulls out a grenade and captures a hostage.  His plan is foiled when Sherlock is able to take out this jihad terrorist.  But this was only a diversion for the real terrorist attack that is occurring at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.  It is a cat and mouse game played between the terrorist leader, known as the Strategist, and Sherlock, who is irritating him, because a woman is able to thwart his plans. 

 The secondary subplot has FBI Agent Dillon Savitch, with the help of Agent Griffin Hammersmith, trying to solve murders where the perpetrators have no recollection of committing the crimes.  Savitch must use his psychic abilities to stop a master manipulator, Stefan Dalco, who evades his dreams, tries to kill him, and seeks revenge killings on others.  This story is based on the real Wicca religion, which believes in Witchcraft and supernatural abilities.

Coulter stated to, “I did a crash course on ‘Wicca for dummies. It was a lot of fun to work with.  But readers should remember this storyline is fiction.  If I can scare the reader silly with the psychic dream attacks, then I've succeeded. I also scared myself writing them.” 

Coulter always introduces new characters, in this case, FBI Agents Kelly Giusti and Callum (Cal) McLain.  They are admirable, likeable, and someone readers root for.  With the terrorist plot, women are front and center with Giusti, the interrogator, Sherlock, the Agent who connects the dots, and the terrorist’s wife, a ferocious, independent, who stands up to Islamists.  From the very first page of Nemesis the action ratchets up.

Unfortunately, Coulter will not have these new characters return because “I like bringing in new and different characters in every book.  If I were to bring them back they must be able to move the story forward and not stop the plot.”

Coulter's third thriller in her new series, A BRIT in the FBI, THE END GAME, comes out in September.  Nicholas Drummond and Mike (Michaela) Caine find themselves involved in an extraordinary plot by terrorists committed to the destruction of the West. The plot is very timely considering the situation in the Middle East today.

Coulter always enjoys hearing from her readers. Send her an email note at [email protected] or post her at She posts every morning and replies to all comments.