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Photo - Cutter Diver

Free Fire Zone- Kudos to the Texas Sheepdog

We call jihadis like the ones who attacked in Garland Texas Known Wolves. They were on the radar screen and somehow we failed to stop them from making their attack. But one member of our law enforcement community who didn’t fail is the officer who put down these two rabid dogs in the parking lot. His courage under fire saved countless lives and we salute him for his valiant efforts.

We call officers like him , and the many other police, fire, first responders and military personnel, who protect the rest of us, sheepdogs. They battle the wolves so that we don’t have to. This officer is a fine example of the breed. In the face of two Islamist fanatics wearing body armor and charging while firing AK 47s, he remained calm and killed them both.

So from all of us who sleep safe in our beds because rough men (and women) like you are standing watch, thank you Sir