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Dear Mom, I'm okay...

I love you momFrom Marine Corps Mom's

Back in 2012 I spoke with a wounded soldier's mother [edit. note: not the Marine in the photo above], and she told me a heartbreakingly funny story about how her son told her of his injuries (double leg amputee) - the Mom only knew that he'd been wounded and was inbound to Landstuhl.  At Landstuhl, he used a Soldiers' Angels phone to call home - the Angel dialed the phone and held it for him - and the Soldier started out with, "Hi Mom, I'm okay!  Doing pretty good here in Germany..."

It took him a few minutes before he told her that he was a lot shorter now...great sense of humor.  Great mom and family.  And they are all doing well today.

And please - all you Jarheads, Doggies, Zoomies, Coasties, and Squids - don't forget that Mother's Day is fast approaching.

BlackFive, out.