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Someone You Should (Correctly) Know - Shaina Hogan

Yesterday I posted about a story attributed to a discontented Naval officer who is opting to resign her commission.  The point was that the picture used by Task and Purpose (link not provided) was NOT of the authoress, one "Anna Granville".  T&P opted to use a stock DOD photo of a saluting Naval officer to highlight their post.

As a reminder:  the problem is the pictured officer is NOT "Anna Granville".  Her name is Ltjg Shaina Hogan.  


As I surmised, she was rather livid as being connected with the writing of Ms "Granville".  So, she took  to her Facebook page to set the record straight.  I've quoted her in full and unedited:

This is a picture of me. I do not know why Anna Granville’s editor chose to use a picture of me, but I did ask him if he would remove the image. His compromise was removing my name from the image. I think Anna would have wanted a picture of herself with her views, but for some reason it was decided to use a picture of me. I did not want the publicity – especially all of the negative publicity. Thank you and for removing my picture or making it extremely clear that the views were not mine in your responses to Anna. 
These are a few of the reasons I’m staying Navy:
1. I’m having a lot of fun
2. The people are (for the most part) pretty fabulous
3. The opportunities are endless
4. I don’t have to pick out an outfit every morning
5. I have and continue to travel the world
6. I’ve been selected to promote
7. I get time to work out – thank you CNO
8. I get to serve my country
A number of people have recommended that I seek legal advice regarding any defamation of my character and the invasion of my privacy based on the use of the above public domain photo. However, I have exactly 45 days until I deploy and leave my family for 6 months, so I once again respectfully request that people stop using the photo for personal profit, I prefer to spend my time in peace with my family, not explaining to my Mom why she is reading mean comments about me because of something I didn’t even write.


I am happy to lend whatever support I can to help LT Hogan set the record straight from the actions done by the editors at T&P (which, I am certain were not intentionally malicious).  

Today, let us wish fair winds and following seas to LT Hogan for defending her honor publicly and for her continued and cheerful Service to the Nation.  BZ, as they say in the Navy. 

As to "Anna Granville" - I use this name in quotes since it may (or may not) be a pseudonym for someone who (may) (may not)/(is) (was) a serving Navy officer.   That is a story for another day.