Book Review - "The Stolen Ones" by Owen Laukkanen
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Combat Soldier Responds to "Colonel Ellen", an Expert on Combat and Valor

Retired Colonel Ellen decides that defending valor isn't for you guys at This Ain't Hell...

Valor cannot be claimed and doesn’t need to be defended because it can’t be stolen, so stop beating people up over it.

So, Muzzleblast, a retired Soldier who was severely wounded in the GWoT had this to say:

This is why we can't have nice things.

People like this green persimmon squatting retard keep getting promoted, and can't understand that the Valor being referred to is the bravery of others for doing something they did not do.

Until I see these SV asswipes pretending to have spent their careers shoveling shit in Louisiana, I won't hesitate to portray them as stealing valor.  They are all special navy force seal recon paras, all operators, all just one hill over from the one, all secret black bag, records destroyed in a fire, received a medal they can't wear because disavowed, etc.

But this doorknob humping O6 doesn't get how they are "stealing valor."  If they received nothing for their claims, would they still do it?  What if one of them got the job at the Women in International Security and Sewing Circle instead of her, and they based the hiring decision on the relative merits of a retired colonel, or a different retired vagina owner who was also former military, but also claimed she had a DSC for her role leading seal team five (like team 6, but missing one thing.)  Would she then feel like doing something about it?

Individually, the fakers do things from the harmless, using stories to score coeds, to the criminal, using lies and fraud to claim VA benefits.  As a group, they all do something--they prey on the good will of others who wish to repay those who have served for their sacrifices.  Fakers all, in some way, are wrongly benefitting from the sacrifices all veterans made.  They, when found out, harm all veteran's credibility. They all deserve our ridicule and scorn, as does anyone who doesn't understand that.

The Valor lies in the sacrifice, not in the award.  Valor is not reserved for the battlefield; I have witnessed valor in a hospital physical therapy room, or recovery  room, and even in hospital waiting rooms.  I think some of the least conspicuous, yet most praiseworthy gallantry belongs to those who have taken the long walk, from their car to the behavioral health office, to seek help.

When shit sacks claim PTSD from their time on a secret mission to kill Osama bin Laden, but instead found Obama money and Joe Biden's missing dignity, and were then forced out of the specwarops force to hush them up... yeah, that steals valor.  When they claim to be physically injured from the war... but really, the war was with their conscience at the golden corral, and their kidneys and pancreas were regional powers.  Yeah, they steal from the Valor of those men and women who fight daily to take their lives back.

They cheapen all our sacrifices. 

But you could never explain that to her, because her drawer full of medals have no V's.  No one has ever officially told her they thought her actions, her sacrifices were valorous.  She doesn't feel like she is worthy for anyone else to consider her service valorous.

Which is a sentiment shared by most people I know with a MoH or other valor award.

Colonel Ellen also sued the military to include females in combat.  More at TAH: Female colonel sues military to include women in combat, Advocates; Pentagon not killing women fast enough, and Expert in combat tells us what is important about combat