We have yet to see the Jordanian Response to ISIS
Photo - Parwan Patrol

Westerners Fighting ISIS

The Stars & Stripes has an AP article about westerners fighting for the Kurds against ISIS:

"I'm not going back until the fight is finished and ISIS is crippled," Matson told The Associated Press, using an alternate acronym for the militant group. "I decided that if my government wasn't going to do anything to help this country, especially Kurdish people who stood by us for 10 years and helped us out while we were in this country, then I was going to do something."

Go here to read the whole article.  

There's another "westerneres fighting for the Kurds" piece by Time about Dean Parker, a painter with zero military experience who joined the Kurds. The article goes on to state that the Kurds need arms more than Americans.

From the Daily Caller:

...According to The Wall Street Journal, the Kurdistan Regional Government has provided a military base outside Kirkuk to train a newly formed Christian “battalion.” 500 recruits are expected to undergo training this month...

The Kurd Facebook recruiting page is here.