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Who is actually part of the coalition?

The Obama administration claims to have partnered with over 60 nations in "degrading and defeating" the Islamic State. Several nations have provided humanitarian support, but very few have in fact provided military aid - and details of what each nation has contributed have been scarce. Below is a list of other nations’ known involvement in terms of military assistance.

Albania: Transported arms and ammunition to Iraqi Kurds.

Australia: Has sent hundreds of military advisors to the region. Conducting airstrikes against targets in Iraq and also supplying arms and ammunition.

Bahrain: Conducted airstrikes in Syria.

Belgium: Conducted airstrikes in Iraq.

Bulgaria: Contributing arms and ammunition to northern Iraq.

Canada: Providing several million dollars-worth of military assistance. Has sent several dozen military advisors. Conducting airstrikes against targets in Iraq as well as airlifting supplies.

Czech Republic: Supplying Iraqis with arms and ammunition, including fighter jets. Also pledges training assistance for Kurdish forces.

Denmark: Conducted airstrikes in Iraq.

France: Conducted airstrikes in Iraq...

Read the full list at the Victory Institute.