Anti-war BS at Concert for Valor
Free Fire Zone- Imperial Amnesty for Illegals

Muslim Brotherhood agitating in Ferguson, MO

There are soon to be protests and almost certainly riots in Ferguson, MO when no charges are brought against the police officer who shot Mike Brown. The facts of the case do not seem to matter to the professional outrage mongers who are organizing the mayhem. They made their closed minds up months ago and if the officer is not thrown to the wolves, they will rampage.

What might surprise you (or not) is that some of the folks are not just the racial grievance groups we are used to, but activists with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. They are using the (non-existent) civil rights aspect of this case to infiltrate the African-American community and bring them into the Islamist fold. Kyle Shideler of the Center for Security Policy exposes some of these connections.