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ISIS has "Rule-based swarm maneuver system"

The analysis of ISIS has gone over the edge with this bit of silliness.

Writing in the respected Small Wars Journal, First Lieutenant Dennis Lowe said the Islamic State uses something called a “rule-based swarm maneuver system” that draws from Somali tactics in the early 1990s. 

OK there LT,  that is a bit overblown dontcha think? Here is what he says "Rule-based, swarm maneuvering actually is"

“Maintain an extended line abreast, keep your neighbors just in sight, but no closer, move to the sound of guns, dismount when you see the enemy, when you come under fire, stop and fire back.”

Really??!! That kinda sounds like round up all your goat-raping buddies, load up the pickup trucks and head out barrel-assing across the desert shooting at whatever pops up.

I know there is a well-founded instinct to try and figure out our enemy so we can effectively fight them. But turning their version of drive-by shootings into more than it is, doesn't really help.  They are not an Army, just an awesomely armed religious gang.