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Book Review - "Saul's Game" by Andrew Kaplan

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9780062315458_p0_v3_s260x420Saul’s Game is an original novel of the Homeland series written by best selling author Andrew Kaplan.  It is a prequel that takes fans of this series back to 2009 and before.  The plot includes the backstory on many of the characters and what influenced their current attitudes. 

The story has Saul Berenson and Carrie Mathison returning to the Middle East, Syria and Iraq in particular.  They are trying to find the al Qaeda terrorist Abu Nazir and instead come across different plots that would threaten the American forces and involve Arab tribal differences. 

Kaplan’s experiences have greatly contributed to the realism of the story.  As someone who served in the US and Israeli Army he knows the make-up of the Middle East.  In fact, what he wrote could be snatched from the views of former high-ranking CIA officials.  These former officials speak about the alienation of the Sunnis, by the former Iraq Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, and the corruptness created by the Shiites, which all fits into the narrative of the story.

Kaplan explained to blackfive.net, “I put into the book a scene that explains why many Americans just do not get what is happening over there.  If the Sunnis take over Syria there would be an increase in massacres of the Christians and Kurds.  Don’t forget the book was written over a year ago.  In the Middle East there are no losers because all losers are killed.  What Carrie and Saul are attempting to do is prevent the real enemy, Iran, from having Iraq as its puppet.”

Saul’s Game allows readers to find out more of the early life of the main characters but also gives an understanding of the issues facing the Middle East today and why American troops should not have been completely withdrawn.

On a side note he will be attending the Veteran’s Benefit Book Fair on November 8th in San Diego on board the USS Midway.  He stated, “I am vey pleased to be included in this book fair that includes some wonderful authors.  I think doing it on the Midway is a wonderful idea, including matching every book sold to a giveaway to active military personnel.”