Major Garrett (CBS) asks "Why watch Obama talk about ISIL?"

Where was the Cavalry for Benghazi?

An icon of the Old West is the bugle sounding the charge as the cavalry rides to the rescue of Americans in peril. We had an isolated outpost in Benghazi under attack by murderous savages, they sent for help and they got...Jack. 

Hillary Clinton and her boss Obama did not send any help or even alert any units to get ready and head that direction. Obama napped to be fresh for some big fundraisers the next day and nobidy can seem to say what Hillary did, if anything. They failed to protect the Consulate in Benghazi and worse yet, they failed to respond when US soil was invaded and US personnel, including our Ambassador, were killed. 

The recent show on Fox 13 Hours with the CIA contractors who were given at least half an hour of stand down orders proves there was a conscious decision to abandon our people. That is awful. But what about the complete lack of a stand up order? That is equally damning and both Obama and Hillary have the blood of those men on their hands.