Major Garrett (CBS) asks "Why watch Obama talk about ISIL?"
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Mr President, It is time for you to earn that Nobel Peace Prize

It is always easier to requite an injury than a service: gratitude is a burden, but revenge is found to pay. - Tacitus

I understand and agree with everyone that wants to see ISIS [email protected]#$%ed up like polio.  But there needs to be a plan to take them out...and that plan would have far reaching effects, not just into Iraq and Syria, but in every nation allowing it's citizens to fight for ISIS (and I lost count after 30).  It would have to be GLOBAL and would not end within President Obama's tenure or maybe even his lifetime.

First, let us bring in four brief (not all encompassing) but important lessons learned from the last foray into Iraq (and Afghanistan).

  1. We didn't pressure Turkey enough to allow use of their territory/airspace.
  2. We didn't go after Iran for killing our troops and Iraqi civilians.
  3. We didn't surge soon enough.
  4. We needed more troops during almost every major initiative.

So, questions for the President about our defense would start with:

A.  Will you continue to cut the military even as operations and optempo increase substantially?  Will you increase funding to counter building threats?

B.  Will you continue to say there won't be boots on the ground (our military) but instead send contractors in the thousands to Iraq?

C.  What does victory against ISIS look like?  

D.  Are we fighting an organization, nation, or idea?  If it is the latter, how will you (globally) address the Islamic State murdering and enslaving thousands upon thousands of people?

E.  Who will lead this fight against radical Islam?  How will you involve Iran and Saudi Arabia in the discussions to stop the flow of recruits?

F.  Will you seek authorization from Congress?  

G.  Outside of ISIS, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Iran:  What about the Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Lithuania etc?  Will we only exert economic pressure over Russian interference and invasion?  What will you do about China's rapidly expanding Navy (aiming towards dominating the Pacific rim)?

H. How do we prevent weaker minded countries from joining ISIS (or Russia for that matter - those countries in G above excepted)?

I.  Last, if we are going to engage the enemy on many fronts, what kind of rules of engagement will you support?

ISIS can not be contained, it must be destroyed, wiped form the face of the earth.  To do that, a global strategy is needed to confront the threats that are, seemingly, everywhere, while GREATLY strengthening those who will stand with us.

Mr. President, we don't doubt that our military, our nation, and our friends are up to the challenge. Over the last six years, you have given us plenty of reason to doubt your resolve or understanding of the world. 

We cannot abandon our allies again.

It's time for you to do your job as Commander-in-Chief.  It's time for Congress to do its job.

Put partisan politics and f#cking optics aside and vigorously defend our way of life...or be forever doomed as the leader who let it slip away.