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Logan's Roadhouse Lafayette IN Fundraiser

Bumping: Reminder, this is tomorrow, Wed. 3 Sept. Hope to see you there!


Not sure how many readers live in or near Lafayette, IN.  However, for those who do, Logan's Roadhouse (Lafayette, IN only) is having a fundraiser for Mission: VALOR on 3 September from 4 to close.  You come in, order, enjoy and when you go to pay your check, give the server a free ticket/coupon with it and a percentage of that bill goes to Mission: VALOR  The more people who come, the higher the percentage -- up to 20 percent.  You can get tickets in advance at the locations in the link, and Bob Rohrman Toyota (located next to Logan's) is letting us set up a tent there on the 3rd so anyone who doesn't have a ticket/coupon can stop by and get one (as we can't give them out that day on site).  Hope you can come on by, and my thanks to the wonderful businesses that are serving as advance ticket/coupon locations!