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Islamic State Propaganda

I continue to field, every day, new requests to join our efforts.  Unfortunatley, so does the enemy.

Everyone saw the propaganda video of the execution of the journalist, although apparently it was released too early.  Most likely they filmed it at the same go as when they brought the journalist out to threaten him at the tag end of the Foley video.  Clever, in a way, and it obviously prevents the success of any future rescue videos should the video give away some detail that could be used for location by US intelligence.  On the other hand, the revelation of the trick undermines the effectiveness of hostages in the future:  we have no reason not to assume the hostages shown on camera aren't already dead.

Their magazine is much better.

The Tattler focused on the high-dollar language, but buried deeper in the piece are powerful messages designed to get Westerners of a certain kind to come and join them.  It's not just disaffected youth they are targeting.  It is also those who have succeeded and gotten jobs, but find in the workaday misery and alienation of modern life reason to burn it all down -- people like Zaccarais Moussaoui, who had a Master's degree when he joined al Qaeda and learned to fly airplanes. 

The modern day slavery of employment, work hours, wages, etc., is one that leaves the Muslim in a constant feeling of subjugation to a kāfir master. He does not live the might and honor that every Muslim should live and experience. It is as if Bilāl... never were emancipated to live a free man, the Islamic State of Madīnah were never established, and the verses of jihād, jizyah, and war booty were never revealed upon the Prophet of the Muslim Um - mah!

What a life to offer a young man!  What is there to compare with it, either in the 'thug life' of unemployment and minor crime for those young men who fail in our societies, or even the 'successful' life mocked by Office Space, by the very professors who prepared young men for that life?  It is no wonder ISIS is succeeding at convincing hot-blooded young men to leave everything and come to them. 

Do not say to yourself, “I might get arrested.” That fear is unsure and the obligation of hijrah is certain. It is not correct to nullify what is certain with what is unsure (as has been stated by Shaykh ‘Abdullāh ‘Azzām in some of his speeches and writings).... Do not worry about money or accommodations for yourself and your family. There are plenty of homes and resources to cover you and your family.

Very likely many will go.  These are the ones who can also return to us most easily:  they have passports, speak the languages, have contacts in the countries they might wish to infiltrate, and can get money there.  Your enemy understands them, both that it wants them and how to call to their hearts.