A Tired Marine Writes A Letter to America
Iran may end up the winner in Iraq

Former VP Dick Cheney at the American Enterprise Institute

If anyone wants to see what leadership actually looks like without the excessive use of the phrase "let me be clear" or "And Osama Bin Laden knows I am serious" or any words like "bamboozled" and "Flim-Flam" you should watch this video.

I know that there will be many who will take issue with the last administration on a range of issues, and some just never got over the election in 2000, so they will never be happy.  One thing I never took issue with the Bush Administration was the premise that in order to have discussions about any political issues and achieve consensus or compromise; we couldn't have airplanes being flown into skyscrapers and Americans killed by Islamists bent on watching the world burn.

Have a gander, and if you want to; you can do a little longing for the days when the grownups were in charge.