Godspeed Robin Williams
Book Review - "An Unwilling Accomplice" by Charles Todd

Volunteers for Kurdistan

As even the Pope is on board now, surely there can be little objection to a few of us making a ride out to Kurdistan to defend the Yazidi and the Christians, and to strike a blow against this "Caliphate."  The main problem will be funding, not finding volunteers.  Logistics is always the problem, and the government of the United States will not be reliable at least as long as the current bunch is in charge.  All the more reason to do as our ancestors from Tennessee did when they rode out to Texas to contest Santa Anna, or as our ancestors from the American Volunteer Group did when they rode out to China to contest Imperial Japan, or as many others have done in the history of these conflicts. 

We will need some money, ladies and gentlemen.  We'll have to build an organization from the ground. It has been done before, though, and often in the history of the West.  There is no reason we cannot do it too.