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To make peace, you must first make war

Task Force Black back on the attack

Task Force Black is back and that is some excellent news. US Delta and SEAL team six operators are joining forces with the British SAS to take the fight to the enemy.

TFB TroopElite British and US special forces troops are forming a hunter killer unit called Task Force Black – its orders: “Smash the Islamic State.”

The undercover warriors will aim to “cut the head off the snake” by hitting the command structure of the Islamist terror group responsible for a trail of atrocities across Iraq and Syria, reports the Sunday People.



This is a reflagging of a similar group that stacked dead tangos like cordwood in Iraq back in the day. Let's hope they will be given a hunting license for anywhere the black flag flies. Initial talk from the Brits sounds hopeful.

A source said: “We need to go into Syria and Iraq and kill as many IS members as we can. You can’t ­negotiate with these people.

“This is not a war of choice. They are cash rich and have a plentiful ­supply of arms. If we don’t go after them, they will soon come after us.