Amplifying Obama after passive Foley statement
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Leaking the raid that failed to find Foley in Syria

Continuing its long tradition of leaking sensitive military information whenever he needs a political boost, Obama followed up his listless statement on Foley's slaughter with golf and a story about trying to rescue him.

“The president authorized earlier this summer an operation to attempt the rescue of American citizens held by ISIL,” said one of two senior officials who provided information on the mission, using one of the acronyms that refer to the Islamic State.

Good on 'em if they tried this, but as usual politics trumps strategy, security and common sense in releasing the info. This is pure ass-covering and a shameful misuse of the military. There are many reasons to keep covert operations covert and the fact that yo are getting your ass kicked in the media and opinion polls is not a reason to change that. If he wants to tell the families of the dead/hostages that is one thing but leaking this to the press so you can say " See I tried, I'm still the gutsy call guy" is complete unprofessional BS.

Now ISIS knows just a bit, and maybe more than a bit, about our tactics and strategy. The next time our folks head into a hot LZ, the enemy will be more likely to be expecting them. The Pipehitters union thanks you for making the toughest job in the world even tougher. Hey maybe you can ride along the next time and shoot more terrorists in the eye, just like you did with bin Laden.

Now a piece of credit where due. Obama has been criticized for knowing about threats to Foley and staying on vacation. It is worth noting that he authorized airstrikes against ISIS while fullay aware of the potential consequences to Foley and the others. That is a painful and gutsy call and those airstrikes helped retake the Mosul Dam.