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Godspeed Robin Williams

The news tonight is sad, as it appears that Robin Williams is dead via his own hand.  The man was a comedic genius who also had a gift for making people think as well as laugh.  He was a friend to the troops in public and in private, and made multiple trips downrange to entertain as far foward as he was allowed, with one proviso -- he wanted no publicity for doing so.  He's one of a handful of entertainers in this category, and whatever his politics he made a clear distinction between what he thought of policy versus what he thought of the troops.  The latter he respected and did what he could for them, and at the least went to places unexpected to give a gift of laughter and a moment of respite.  

My thoughts, our thoughts, go out to his family and those he leaves behind.  

Godspeed sir. 

For those that struggle with depression, and especially for those who serve/have serve who fight this fight, I ask you to accept that you are not alone and to reach out.  There is good food for thought here that I commend to you. 

Adding this clip, that is a favorite of mine (and Col. Kratman's as it turns out).  There's been some discussion of if he truly was as clueless as he makes himself out to be (I'm inclined to think he's not, but playing to the story), but it really doesn't matter.  What does matter is how fast he stopped, became respectful, and even remembered (eventually) to take his hat off.