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Food For Thought This Sunday

An informal group of writers (and avid readers) to which I belong have been discussing a number of issues within writing in general, and science fiction in particular.  A strong focus has been on the politics of SF, and the strangling of the field by political correctness.  That there is such has been clearly shown by direct empirical work and in anecdotal evidence by the dumptruck load as the purges beget purges begets the complete and utter sham that the science fiction writers of America has become.  I note for the record (and the stupid) that Sad Puppies did indeed succeed, and that no real effort was made to win the vote, as the purpose was completed with the nominations (and hysterical fits such entailed among the SJW/glittery hoo-haa brigades).  

For those not getting the references above, no worries as it is very much inside baseball type stuff. Suffice it say that there is a reason that much of the so-called "military science fiction" that comes out from major publishers sorta sucks.   That said, there is an excellent post that delves into the philosophy behind these issues, and I commend it toyou as food for thought.  Agree, disagree, or be mixed, there is much to think about and consider in the post.  

As a final note, and bit of food for thought, I will point out to the SJW/GHH crowd that much of what is considered classical literature today was yesterdays low-brow, frowned upon, popular literature.  In other words, what sold well became the classics, rather than what the elite literati and academics thought was good.  

Smaller post at my place, go read the link if you are up for a good meal in terms of food for thought.