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FDA Proposes Mission Leap

The FDA has decided to go full nanny state and bring in new regulations on tobacco products, and to declare a range of other products as being tobacco even though they are not.  The "facts" on which some of the regulations are based appear to be quite dubious, and the one fact that can't be denied is that this will greatly expand the scope and power of the FDA and set some very interesting precedents for further expansion.  If you use tobacco, use any variant of e-cig, and smoke cigars, you need to read through and provide your thoughts on yet another job-killing, freedom-destroying, and business-destroying (IMO) bit of regulatory overreach.  The link that is the previous sentence will take you to Cigar Rights of America and a direct link to read the regulations and/or make a comment.  Sound off, as it may still be possible to make a difference despite having the FDA appear not to want much input from the public.  Also, keep in mind that tobacco may not be your thing, but what's next???