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Casting Off The Warriors

Attention:  GEN Joe Dunford and GEN Ray Odierno, please read this link!

Over at Havok Journal is a really great piece of writing - unfortunately, it's about a true warrior being thrown out of the USMC:

...One of my Marines, who I will call Frank, selflessly exposed himself to blistering enemy fire to search for targets with his MK 11 sniper rifle in order to alleviate pressure on the Marines in the kill zone. Frank was able to positively identify an enemy fire team moving through the trench to flank the Marines in the kill zone with three RPGs, an RPK and a PK machine gun. With no regard for his personal safety, Frank ignored the fire being directed at his position, controlled his breathing, relaxed, and began engaging targets.

Frank destroyed two RPG gunners with rounds to the head and another with a round to the sternum. In return, an enemy machine gunner targeted him with long barrages of machine gun fire that impacted within a foot of his position. Frank made corrections for wind and distance and killed him with a single round to the torso. At this point the RPK gunner attempted to break contact but Frank was able to strike him down with a round from his MK 11 before he reached cover, killing him with his second round...

Go read the whole thing because that's not all that "Frank" did in combat, and, again, it's a helluva post.  It's a damn shame to let the Franks go home and promote the guys with the best creases in their uniforms.

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