Afghan kills US General in Green on Blue shooting
Book Review - LTC (ret) Brad Taylor's "Days of Rage"

And Now They Got a General

As Jimbo said, this is a big deal BTW...

Several news organizations, citing anonymous military sources, report that an American two-star major general was killed in the assassination-style attack. If confirmed, it would be the highest ranking military official to be killed in the Afghanistan war.

Awesome.  The dou'che's (the French pronunciation I believe) are getting within rifle range of the important folks.  These guys are important pieces of the battlefield, regardless of what the E-4 mafia says.

Major generals serve as commanders of divisions, which consist of 10,000 to 16,000 soldiers. They perform major tactical operations and conduct sustained battles and engagements. There are 10 divisions in the active Army and eight in the Reserves/National Guard. Two-star generals also serve as high-level officers at major commands and the Pentagon.

There are 99 major generals on active duty in the U.S. Army.

Now don't get me wrong, One of the tenets of leadership I admire most is "lead from as far forward as you can" and "lead from a position where your troops can see you."  Division Commanders don't show up in groups, unless it is at a meeting somewhere in the bowels of the Puzzle Palace; and they are hard to replace.  Some notable examples of these individuals (some on their way to greater fame) are General Matthew Ridgeway and General George Patton.

But this wasn't "killed in action leading his troops in clearing a village" or killed in action while preventing his command post from being over run."  This was while in the school house.  The equivalent of the USMA and the War College all rolled together.  Not an accident, not a mistake, killed by an assassin who once again slipped past the crack team of Afghan Security folks milling about  smartly.

"Blue on Green" is a misnomer and it in no way accurately captures exactly what is actually going on.  When the enemy starts working their way into positions under the guise of being on the side of good where they can later activate and go Terminator on command elements while in garrison; you know you have a problem.  You have a problem with security, you have a problem with INFO-OPS, PSYOPS, perception and most of all, you have a problem of leadership.  Top Leadership.

Yes Mr. PINO empty suit "I'll just be back here leading from behind," I am looking at you.

PSD is important, even on the battlefield.  Am I an ass for asking where his PSD was?  I don't know how important the General was considered to be or whether he would have rated a PSD, but every 2 star I have been around has had various hangers on and camp followers, enough that it drew attention and enough that it made sense to put about 5 trained and dedicated US Army CID agents from the PSD folks at Fort Belvoir around them.

But now that they have killed a decision maker, and we look unable to protect even our generals, how do you think this makes us look in the world Mr. PINO?

Oh, never mind.  I know Mr. PINO.  You are in a hurry; headed out to another fundraiser so you can seize and occupy objectives and high ground dominated by straw men followed quickly by another round of golf and then on to another vacation.

Cuz' Leadership is Hard Work Ya Know....

UPDATE:  The General is identified.