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Casting Off The Warriors

Airstikes and Reality

A dose of each this morning.

Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby said Friday that two F/A-18 jets dropped 500-pound bombs on a piece of artillery and the truck towing it. The Pentagon said the military conducted the strike at 6:45 a.m. ET, against terrorists with the Islamic State (IS), the group formerly known as ISIS.

 “As the president made clear, the United States military will continue to take direct action against [IS] when they threaten our personnel and facilities,” Kirby said.

Also, the PINO wanted us to know the exact reasons we were dropping bombs in bad guys in Iraq, after promising not to go back to Iraq, and then sending troops back to Iraq, but not for combat.

The president warned that the civilians face a potential genocide at the hands of IS militants. He stressed that combat troops will not be returning to Iraq, but said America has an obligation to help.

The PINO may not know this, because the closest he has been to a uniform is walking past someone in ROTC while in college, but those airstrikes don't land where they are aimed because of magic.  A bearded guy with gadgets and unique training and a team of matching badasses is hid out on a piece of key terrain close enough to see what that bomb is going to land on.  So the PINO is lying when he says that no US troops will be on the ground nor participating in combat operations.  US SOF assets are there, because that is the only way to make sure that 500 pound bombs hit what they are aimed at.

Anyone else wondering what Code Pink and ANSWER think of the guy who said this dropping ordnance on Islamists bent on genocide? Did the PINO forget he had Twitter?

It gives me great joy and epic sadness to know that the last president is living rent free in this Dude's head.  All you have to do to know that is look at anything he has said in the past regarding any foreign policy decision that may have even tangentally involved the military.

When the Syrian problem that most of us saw coming like a train in a tunnel exploded, way back in September of 2013, he assured us that:

“The military plan that has been developed by the joint chiefs and that I believe is appropriate is proportional. It is limited. It does not involve boots on the ground. This is not Iraq and this is not Afghanistan.”

And when he decided to send those 300 "advisors" to Iraq, he warned us

“Recent days have reminded us of the deep scars left by America’s war in Iraq.”

And this nugget as well...

“Here at home, Iraq sparked vigorous debates and intense emotions in the past, and we’ve seen some of those debates resurface. But what’s clear from the last decade is the need for the United States to ask hard questions before we take action abroad, particularly military action.”

But this one is may favorite:

“I think we always have to guard against mission creep so let me repeat what I have said in the past. American combat troops are not going to be fighting in Iraq again.”

Dropping bombs on bad guys towing artillery pieces around the countryside is just that Mr. PINO.  Because the last administration is living rent free in his head, every decision and action and statement is couched in a healthy dose of "WWBD?", and when your only plan is "do the opposite of the last guy" then you really have no plan at all.

It bears repeating that when you deploy SOF, it isn't to solve a "humanitarian crisis."

You are at war....