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Vets for a Strong America hold Hillary accountable

Getting information about the Benghazi debacle has been almost impossible in the face of a full on campaign of obfuscation and lies from the administration. But there are some options still available and Vets for a Strong America took advantage of the power of FOIA.

Veterans for a Strong America (VSA) has formally notified the Department of State they are seeking all of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s agency and home (personal) landline, mobile phone and email records, including information on any “alias” accounts, for the 36 hour timeframe surrounding the Benghazi terror attacks.

Yeah it would be kinda nice to know what the great leader of the State department was doing instead of answering that 3am call. Patriotic Americans were fighting and dying, Obama was napping and fundraising, what was Hillary up to?

Joel Arends, who is Chairman of VSA and also serves as a Major in the US Army Reserve, worked with leading national security expert and attorney Mark Zaid to file the request. Zaid represents several of the CIA officers who were on the ground in Benghazi during the attacks, and is renowned as the attorney who won the $2.7 billion dollar judgment against Libya for the 1988 Pan Am/Lockerbie bombing – the largest ever settlement against a foreign government for an act of terror.

The FOIA request states that “To date and to the best of our understanding, no records have been produced publicly reflecting the details of Secretary Clinton’s interactions with other State officials (and/or other parts of the U.S. Government) during the 36 hour timeframe at issue in this request. That timeframe encompasses the entirety of the attacks on U.S. Government facilities and personnel in Benghazi.”

All we know for sure at this point is that nothing was done to save our people. We anxiously await a full accounting of the actions Hillary took to fulfill her responsibilities.