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Trailer Talk- CNN's Zakaria trashes the Tea Party.

I have been busy playing nice with the government for the past few years and that meant putting my good friend and alter ego, Uncle J, on ice. He was not pleased, and a little chafed about the whole thing. Now we have come to an understanding and agreement that conforms with the overall scheming for global domination and world peace. 

Jim Hanson will write and produce serious analysis, opinion and feature pieces. This will include a total media blitz that is just getting underway.

But there are just those times when some jagoff steps over the line and nothing but a world-class wicked beatdown will suffice. That is the time to break glass in case of dumb ass and release the Kraken.

Today was one of those days and Fareed Zakaria of CNN was that dumb ass. He managed to equate the barbarian savages of the Iraqi Mahdi Army with the Tea Party. Yep, just exactly that. So he got the full off-the-top-rope treatment in the inaugural episode of Trailer Talk. Do I need to note there is an F bomb at the end? Didn't think so.