The Army's racist helicopters
Trailer Talk- CNN's Zakaria trashes the Tea Party.

Secure Freedom Radio- ISIS surprise

Day 1 keeping the radio waves safe for democracy.

With Adam Kredo, Joe Davis, Gordon Chang, Jose Cardenas. Jim Hanson guest hosts.

ADAM KREDO, reporter for the Washington Free Beacon:

  • The US’s surprise at ISIS’ sudden rise in Iraq
  • Is there anything at this point the US can do to turn the situation in Iraq around?

JOE DAVIS, Director of Public Affairs at Veterans of Foreign Wars:

  • The future of the VA after the outing of Eric Shinseki
  • An update on the situation of imprisoned Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi and what the public can do to help free him
  • How some US veterans feel about the unraveling situation in Iraq


  • China’s participation in the RIMPAC naval exercises and what the Obama Administration thinks the future of this partnership can be
  • Update on Chinese aggression in East Asia
  • Irony of the US partnering with China in a cybersecurity working group, in light of the threats China poses to American intellectual property

JOSE CARDENAS, former USAID Acting Assistant for Latin America and the Caribbean:

  • The humanitarian and national security crisis on the US’s Southern Border
  • The contribution of the “push” factor in unstable environments in Central America that have led to the immigration crisis
  • Should the United States play a more active role in Latin America?
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