Book Review - "Shots Fired" by C.J. Box
Photo - Kin Blue Beach

Israel says Kerry not invited to cease fire talks

Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren said that John Kerry was not invited to ceasefire talks led by Egypt in a major rebuke to the US,.

"Oren cited the Obama administration’s strained relations with Egypt, and the “tension” in ties between the US and Israel. To Israel’s chagrin, he said, America has consequently not been able to play a more constructive role in this crisis, whereas previous administrations had been able to do so in past crises."

This is a direct result of the Obama administration’s antagonistic approach to relations with Israel. We have lost the trust of our only true ally in the region by taking what has essentially been a pro-Palestinian position on the major issues like borders, settlements and even leaking sensitive information about Israeli plans to hit Iranian nuclear facilities. Kerry himself was caught on a hot mic this weekend mocking Prime Minister Netanyahu's characterization of the Gaza operation as pinpoint.  The Palestinians are even using Kerry's remark against the Israelis to obscure the fact that their own human shield policies are purposely getting their own civilians killed to generate media attention and sympathy.

The left has always had a soft spot for the cause of the Palestinians that transcends logic or reality and the Obama team is infected with it. Their quixotic belief that they could sweep in with hope and change the facts on the ground have proven to be unfounded. They emboldened the Palestinians with unrealistic expectations and set back the cause of peace. That may not be the direct cause of the current fighting, but it has certainly been a major contributing factor.

Now we are reliant on the Egyptian regime and their dislike of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Hamas to serve as the interlocutor. The region and our good friend Israel deserve better than they have gotten from us. How low the once mighty have fallen under a President who believes America is not fit to lead. I think he projects his own flaws onto the country. We, and the world, will be many years recovering from the damage he has done to our strength and standing.