Jesse Ventura Has No Class
Janos The Anos

Don't take the widow's money Jesse

Jesse Ventura has won the defamation lawsuit he filed against the widow of Chris Kyle, Navy SEAL and author of American Sniper. Somehow he convinced a jury that his reputation was sullied when Kyle told the world Ventura acted the fool at another SEALs funeral and then got knocked out. 

Ventura said he was suing the widow and kids because of his reputation, not for the money. So setting aside the grotesquerie that he even won, he should refuse to take the cash. He proved his case, he was vindicated, so he should be the "big man" he claims to be and leave the money to the family.

I think this is worth some internet torches and pitchforks, so share this on Facebook and if you tweet #DontTakeTheMoneyJesse is the hashtag. Let's heap as much shame on the bastard as we can and make him live up to his own words. I use some choice NSFW words in the video.