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A Tribute Long Delayed

Castro's Cigar Shop, in America?

During a lovely visit to Manchester, NH I ran across something that caused me some consternation. There is a cigar shop right downtown called Castro's Back Room, WTF? They have a statue of Fidel that stands outside and his wretched bearded face is their logo.



I did not consider this to be a good thing so I went in to ask the owner if I was missing something. Was he maybe donating money to charities that benefit the Ladies in White or some other group that protests the regime?

"No", he said, "Castro is the King of cigars and that's all I care about". Really, I said, but Castro is a mass-murdering f**khead and a communist who oppresses his people. "Yeah, I don't give a f**k about that stuff, He is the King of cigars." I noted that while he may be known for his cigar, he was better known as a totalitarian bastard who has tortured and killed tens of thousands of innocent people. But this didn't seem to matter to this clown, so I told him it is a free country and if he wants to glorify a communist SOB, he can. He agreed and pointed out that he fought for this country, and I told him that he didn't seem to get the whole protect against foreign enemies part of that. 

So I absolutely support the right of this maroon to associate himself and his business with a scumbag, you are known by your choices. He probably gets his clothes at Hitler's Haberdashery and orders lunch from Pol Pot's Pizzeria. Jackass!